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Flexible Automation System

Simple SS series Inverter (0.4~3.7kW)


1.Easy operation, speed volume build-in.

2.Customizs software, and easy to update.

3.Output frequency 0.2~400Hz Own 8-step speed selection and 2 acceleration/deceleration times can be choose.

4.Analog input.

5.RJ45 socket.

6.High performance low noise.

7.High starting torque.

General Type SE Series Inverter (0.4~11kW)


1.Simple vector control.

2.All series have built-in filter.

3.Advanced high frequency output current feature.

4.RS485 communication interface.

5.Modular design.

6.Dual channel analog signal.

7.Inclusive of 16 multi-speed and 2 section of acceleration / deceleration time

General purpose, (Fan and Pump) SF Series (5.5~160kW)


1.Simple Vector Control Auto Torque Boost Auto Slip compensation.

2.Use 32 bits CPU design, sine wave PWM control.

3.Soft-PWM Design.

4.Restart after Instant Stop.

5.Restart under High Speed.

6.Regeneration Voltage Stall Prevention

7.Zero speed control function

8.Output Short Circuit Protection

9.12 Alarm Records

High performance SH Series Inverter (0.75~22kW)


1.Customize software, and easy to update.

2.Easy to maintain:5.5kW~22kW INV can do one-touch to easy switch cooling fans.

3.At least connect to 32 INVs, can choose communication unit RS485/RS422 and Modbus.

4.Speed control range 1:100

5.Easy to use: All series have standard operator which can be taken off and add extend wire to set on the panel.

6.Easy to set parameters

SD DIN RAIL Micro Computer Temperature Controller


1.DIN RAIL, Magneticseat, 3 installation ways, Flexibly match the requests of outside panel board for Panel board.

2.High reliability Modbus communication, easily connect with HMI and PLC

3.Supply free charge of monitoring software, it is very convenient for short distance operation to remote control & parameter copy,

4.Additional copy function, correspond to parameter setting for a considerable assembly, avoid the mistake and sve much time.

5.Small volume, multi pieces assembly side by side, composed of multi points and circuit controllers instead of single loop and point control.

6.Down lift and transparent cover design, easily open and avoid mistaking touch and operation.

7.Directly use and correspond to universal voltage AC100~240V without connecting external DC power and can save the cost

Micro Computer Temperature Controller WT Series

1.Multi range input (TC,RTD,mV,mA).Each 14Bit resolution. Fuzzy/PID control, with two individual outputs.

2.Three sets of Alarm, Each one has 17 modes. Implement Zero/Phase control by trig SCR module directly.

3. RS232 and RS485 communication.

4. Auto-Zero and Auto-Span circuit keep good accuracy.

5. Free range voltage AC85-265V/DC15-50V.

6. Data lock function.

7. Auto/Manual output mode.

8. Output percent showing with 10 LED.

9.Input 2 can be used in Remote SV.


Flexible Automation System

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